The things we attach to


Things or beings?

In fact, especially beings.


Because they give us reasons and slip into our lives.

Sometimes too easy, other times with a word but with a big impact.

And about things … they connect with those beings.

You attach yourself to the soul. You lose. It’s hard to feel lost. You cannot compare a person with the object received from him. You can still stand in front of the person often disappointed.

You know people you can tell a lot about.

We are attached to a word, to a discussion that we would like to have, to a voice that brings us closer. And you feel happy.

You attach yourself to a man’s mind. Intelligence, always looking for «that something» in his character.

Over time, our bodies change, we change, but thinking remains supported by the same pillars. Pillars supported by personality.

And in time it is hard to feel that for a long time you are attached to something that you are aware of that at some point it will not be.

A lifestyle, or probably anything that will surely get ahead of you.

I call attachment a small part of immense happiness, a mark you leave even if it is only on the surface.


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