Coffee has many gifts

Coffee has the gift of creating connections between people.

For example, when you want to meet someone and want to make a connection, you simply ask one, «Do you want to have a coffee?»

Or when you want to see someone again, you call him and ask him: «Come to me for coffee», a ritual we are all used to.

Or in a house when several people meet «I’m making coffee today!», You offer to be useful in a friendship ritual.

I am fascinated by cafes and confectioneries, they have a special charm for me and I always remember beautiful things.

People look at each other differently when they are satisfied with a coffee while enjoying and looking at the other people standing in front of the refrigerators with goodies.

We all relax when we enter the cafes and then look at each other with more interest, more passion, more vitality.

I always associate cafes with the thoughts that fly each of us in their own way, with people and with well-being and relaxation.

And maybe we all feel the same way when we enter the area of childhood and sweets.

Cafes make us think of meetings, a time spent in two or at least a feeling of well-being, up close.

I like sleepy mornings when I start them with a coffee that has a strong aroma.

Coffee does its job every time.

It brings us closer and gives us time together, a time that always lasts when we have the reason that it is too hot.

Then the coffee leaves room for topics and discussions and we take small and careful sips in front of the communication to enjoy the moment.

For us women, there is no greater joy and well-being that makes us as happy as when we taste a quality coffee.

And men feel homesick when they smell coffee in the past.

Because, rightly, the expression, «Do you want a coffee?» it is the eternal invitation to create a bridge between people.


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