slaves thoughts

We are caught up in a sea of ​​thoughts. Thoughts that we receive and host in our minds. We then hid them deep in it and did not get rid of them. I gathered a lot of thoughts that I gave in exchange for feelings. How a state of well-being, a state, a feeling appears […]

lost found

  I got lost so I could find myself later. I got lost walking on meaningless roads. And, I recognized myself then, coming back to me whenever I needed to. I heard the song in the house from which my soul was living. Because only in the depths of my soul do I know my […]

simplicity portait modeled

  For the portrait I chose, I outlined self-confidence as a basic notion. Which I then dressed in a form of refinement. Then I modeled the gestures and verbal expression in the simplest way possible. To be understood by the whole world. Then I stopped believes only for the portrait. And so my portrait came […]

imagination exercise

What would it be like not to know anyone and no one to know me? What would it be like not to be part of any world? What would it be like to know that my place is not in any of the possible worlds? What would it be like to know that before I […]

heart wants

  How far am I from my heart? What if I have the life I dreamed of? Do I work to be happy? There are answers that are missing when it comes to such questions. But somewhere in us we know whether or not we are in direct connection with what our heart wants. If […]

lack of time

  We have the feeling that we don’t have enough time. We are running. And, we are stepping away from each other. We are the old child who wants to hurry everything. And, we speed up time in our minds. We become young and then mature and complain about the lack of time. If we […]

love needed spontaneously

  I brought the whole world like in a bazaar. And so we all dressed in luxurious clothes. We called everything as being around us only through superlatives of love, friendship, brotherhood, humanism … And we looked at each other. Some of us wore uniforms, some didn’t. A priest does not become a priest only […]

Männer Parfüm

Das Parfüm ist die unsichtbare Seite aus dem Stil eines eleganten Mannes. Über das Parfüm kannst du Menschen, mit denen du interagierst, auf eine positive Art und Weise den Teil des olfaktorische Effekts übertragen. Je stärker dieser olfaktorische Effekt, je attraktiver wirst du als Mann eingeschätzt werden und du wirst ein grösseres Selbstvertrauen haben. Eine […]

step forward

There is a place where, if you look, you notice with great joy that any step you take is a step forward. Here and when you sit still you take a step forward. Also from here you can see that no matter how many steps you have taken before, you begin to realize that you […]