…Lack of time, maybe?


I entered a circle where the lack of time is the number one pretext for which I fail to do many things.

Because I don’t have time, I look around at other people and try to calm down. So are they, I say consoling myself. It’s normal.

Time is the most valuable thing.

And I always look at the ruthless time that often keeps me captive in the thought that maybe I don’t use it as I should. Maybe…

I started to blame time when I couldn’t find any excuse.

Does the lack of time keep me in place, a prisoner in my ambitions to live and always and always prove on the run to realize more?

Does the lack of time make me indifferent to the sufferings of others and to say a good word to them?

Does the lack of time make me not spend a good time with my family, being always on the run? With all sorts of things that don’t have time to wait?

Is the lack of time my number one reason to keep away from friends so that I don’t want to see them again?

Does the lack of time prevent me from calling, not giving a signal to those who expect this from me?

Does the lack of time force me to be indifferent to my loved ones, to give them from time to time the warmth they need?

Does the lack of time keep me away from socializing with the man in front of me, preferring instead to live virtual friendships?

Does the lack of time no longer manage to bring joy to my soul, to no longer live the happy moments of another time, to always program myself to reach another goal?

Did the lack of time harden my soul without enjoying the beauty, the warmth, the day that has just begun?

Does the lack of time make me lose beautiful moments in my life, postpone again and again, and then give up important decisions as always?

Since when in my life has the lack of time become the pretext for not going through life after another development?

I am not given the time to feel like I am being subjected to a time trial that at the end of the competition I will receive a verdict on punishment or feel like a captive prisoner in its clutches.

The time I use well could be spiritual and healing for my soul; both at the same time.







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