Book Review Marina Abramović Walk Through Walls

Marina Abramović writes in her book «Walk Through Walls: A Memoir» with detachment about her own life. The book has the transparency of a showcase, in which the well-known artist exposes her being, as she did in performing arts. Absolute sincerity towards her and others does not make her vulnerable, but gives her strength. The […]

Seasons of love

In love there are certain seasons, specific to different periods of life that can make love be perceived differently. In a relationship, the partners go through different stages of love. The spring of love in which the two discover each other, they fall in love. It can also be called adolescent love manifested at different […]

men elastic women

And, which of the two partners is to blame? There is no guilt anywhere. And he offers and she offers. He offers with reason, she offers with the soul. He always seeks to give her solutions to all the problems she faces and to give her explanations when she is not satisfied with him. She […]

review John Gray Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

The book «Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus» written by couple therapist Dr. John Gray is a relationship textbook. The author’s decoded language helps both sexes understand the dialogue the two can use to communicate. Although women and men speak the same language, the meaning of the words is perceived differently. Being two […]