My imagination exercise

What would it be like not to know anyone and no one to know me?

What would it be like not to be part of any world?

What would it be like to know that my place is not in any of the possible worlds?

What would it be like to know that before I have everything I have to lose everything?

How would I feel in the face of such a perspective?

Would I feel alone in terrible loneliness?

This training helps me notice how I would feel if I were alone in the world.

How would the problems in my life change if no one suddenly knew me and I didn’t know anyone.

And in this context I would perceive how strong my spirit is.

If I felt loneliness as something torturous it would be a sign that my spirit is weak.

And if at that moment I felt good alone with myself I would know that I can be happy with someone else. Or at the same time I would be a happiness for someone else.



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