Do you know what your heart wants?


How far am I from my heart?

What if I have the life I dreamed of?

Do I work to be happy?

There are answers that are missing when it comes to such questions.

But somewhere in us we know whether or not we are in direct connection with what our heart wants.

If the heart is good then we do not need the above questions.

And then it is good for us and we radiate happiness, health and good energy.

Is it hard sometimes to say who I am?

What am I?

And why am I where I am?

Then I make contact with my heart.

And I want to know from time to time what it wants.

And to know how far I am from what my heart wants.

And I listen to my heart from time to time.

I show it that I care about it and that I haven’t completely abandoned it.

His heart does not ask for his wishes to be fulfilled.

It wants to make sure I care about it.

It wants to know I didn’t abandon it.

At least a little.

And I care about my heart when I dream.

And I still care when I dare to believe in my dreams even when I don’t have the strength and means to follow them.


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