The simplicity of the portrait I modeled


For the portrait I chose, I outlined self-confidence as a basic notion.

Which I then dressed in a form of refinement.

Then I modeled the gestures and verbal expression in the simplest way possible.

To be understood by the whole world.

Then I stopped believes only for the portrait.

And so my portrait came to life and began to live only for the image in it.

Because he had his place well defined, as a portrait he did not want to be the center of attention.

He began to exist here and found happiness here as well, not wanting to prove anything to anyone.

Because he was in his world.

Because in his world happiness and satisfaction came from elsewhere, not from the applause of others.

That’s how he lived simple and elegant inside, for himself.

Then he modeled free and clear thinking.

And I would adapt my personality now according to language and behavior.

And for the soul I would place an inner spring so that my portrait could be nourished spiritually.

And in the end I would call all these forms of simplicity enumerated and attributed to the portrait to be the image seen by me, from somewhere exterior for my model of simplicity. 



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