Do you know some myths about perfume?

With the industrialization and modern life, the technique of using perfume has brought many curiosities in people’s lives.

The art of using fine essences has brought in time the idea that people should be helped to improve their self-image and to want and question their self-confidence when they did not leave behind a gift of perfume.

Does the perfume expire?

On the perfume packaging it is recommended to use the perfume within 36 months from its opening.

Regardless of whether we are talking about a perfume or a eau de toilette, each of them contains a large amount of alcohol that has the role of preserving its ingredients.

After purchasing the perfume, it is important to store it correctly in dark, recessive and moisture-free spaces.

There is the possibility to buy a new perfume from the store already altered due to the already oxidized ingredients.

When a sealed perfume is kept for a few years in the heat and the light of the reflective bulbs blows in it all day long, regardless of whether it is packaged, there is a possibility that the smell will change.

Or in other cases there is the possibility that the perfume in the tester will be affected by the heat of the reflectors and the one packed in the box will be unaltered as when it was manufactured. 

How do we test a perfume?

The best test we can do when we want to remove more perfumes from our area of interest are those cards that we can leave for storage for a few hours, days until we can decide to purchase a new perfume.

When we want to buy a perfume it is best to test it directly on the skin.

The explanation is that the scents of the perfume are often altered when mixed with the oils on our skin.

Because of each person’s pH, the same scent can smell different from person to person.

It is important to test the perfume on our skin and leave it for 2-3 hours to see how it develops its notes.

When we try a perfume for the first time in the first phase, we will recognize if the perfume is part of the category we love.

At the beginning we will feel the top notes that will disappear in a few minutes.

Then the middle notes that towards the end will give way to the basic ones of the perfume.

Perfumers have adapted this marketing strategy over time so that through the notes of attraction we make a decision at an interval of only a few seconds to want to buy that perfume.

What is the packaging strategy?

A tactic in purchasing perfume is to take into account the color of the bottle when purchasing a perfume.

A strategy of the brands that produce perfumes is usually that floral, feminine, romantic perfumes are associated with pink, citrus with yellow or green, oriental with red, gold or black or brown tones for wood.


Many of the myths and questions we ask about perfumery can only be solved by testing and then leaving the liquid on the skin for a while.

If we take some time to test the perfume then we will make the choice we really want.


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