Authentic means being unique, unique in your own way.

Authentic means not deviating from your story.

There are many stories opposite to your story, but you choose your own story, the one that assumes your own person.

There are times when you stop from time to time throughout your story and ask yourself, «How do I feel?» or «What do I like to do?»

And many times you come back and ask yourself the same question «How good do I feel when I’m authentic with what I share?»

For me, personally, authenticity is that value that I use to filter the people I choose around me.

Because then I can build healthy relationships both personally and professionally.

And, yes, it’s about courage.

The courage to weigh and balance what you say with what you promise to put into practice.

It is about the harmony that you have in front of you and with which you manage to live in full agreement.

Be aware of your personal values and agree with them.

And for me, that wasn’t easy.

For a long time the results were unfavorable.

Authenticity is to be simple but also about generosity.

Sometimes sincerity and honesty.

Inner strength and faith.

Authenticity means for me at the moment the freedom to express myself here and now, as I want it to be.



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