Step forward

There is a place where, if you look, you notice with great joy that any step you take is a step forward.

Here and when you sit still you take a step forward.

Also from here you can see that no matter how many steps you have taken before, you begin to realize that you are not going anywhere.

In this place there is no left or right, up or down, forward or backward.

For you it is a big step that you have to do to be able to get to that place.

And you start step by step …

It is a step forward any step taken in the direction of your heart.

It is a step forward any good you can do for someone.

It is a step forward when you withdraw from all the things you feel are not yours.

It’s a step forward every time you stay put instead of listening to your mind go crazy everywhere.

It is a step forward when you stop with yourself from everything that happens around you and meditate on the world, the sun, the moon and everything that means beautiful to you.

It is a step forward when you manage to understand and find balance between living for others and living for yourself.

It is a step forward when you realize that true gratification does not come from achieving the greatest things but from the ability to be fully pleasantly moved by the most mundane gestures.

It is a step forward when you begin to understand how much your life means to you and how much it consumes you to make enormous sacrifices in the desire to reach some great heights.

It is a step forward when you feel that you are not going in the right direction and you start to feel better where you are with what you have.

However, it is a step forward when you give up long waits and seek to get what you have received so far from others or waited to fall from the sky.

Taking a step back can sometimes be a step forward for those around you.

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