What would your emoticon look like?


The reality of today.

It is the virtual world from which we all want to choose an emoticon.

In order to keep a good mood today, we would choose, for example, the emoticon that smiles at us.

Maybe it would be good, because we are currently in a good mood to give a moment of joy to a person … or maybe to those we have on our list of friends.

That’s how we communicate and rejoice.

Maybe for now.

It costs nothing and, in addition, you are in contact with them.

Without communicating.

Without saying anything.

What a possibility to interact without upsetting anyone, being impersonal, and being able to make a connection with them.

Yes, what about a Like?

We rush when we leave virtual reality to reach a place where we can find what messages have been left by others in our absence.

We started collecting emoticons.

Only for a smile that can bring it to us.

Those who smile at us encourage us.

They are close to our souls.

It helps us in our moments of decay.

We see the reaction of the one who sends it to us depending on the emoticon received.

A dialogue without too many words.

No emotion.

Without any human feeling.

Now I want to send a smile through an emoticon.

I am answered in the same way by another emoticon, every feeling, every gesture.

We don’t want to connect face to face with others for a long time.

It’s more comfortable.

Where did the hug remain?

Social contact?

We feel exhausted, squeezed by any kind of feeling, by any experience.

We are moving further and further away from each other.

We communicate with people around the globe, but we are slowly moving away from those around us.

Where is the real life smile that no emoticon can replace?

Just like no Like, Share or other «Virals» cannot replace the respect and love that the man next to you can offer you. Which is with you.


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