We have time for everything

We have time to laugh and to cry,
For clear days and dark nights,
Time gives us the chance to live beautifully,
Let’s enjoy the moments and open our soul.

We have time to love and be loved,
To lose ourselves in the eyes of the beloved,
To feel emotions and dream of eternity,
In the arms of love, time is infinite.

We have time to learn and develop,
To discover new horizons and evolve,
Let us feed our minds with knowledge and wisdom,
Time always accompanies us on our journeys.

We have time to be true friends,
To build strong and honest connections,
Let’s be there for each other in the hard times,
Time unites us in a network of friendship.

We have time to dream and create,
To let the imagination fly into the unknown
Let’s turn ideas into works of art,
Time is our ally in the search for beauty.

We have time to find ourselves,
To listen to our inner voice and heal ourselves,
To seek the true meaning of existence,
Time gives us the space for self-knowledge.

We have time to rest and reconnect,
To enjoy the peace and the surrounding nature,
Let’s feed our soul with moments of peace,
Time brings us balance and peace with ourselves.

We have time for all these and more,
Time is our precious gift on earth,
Let us use it wisely and gratefully,
Because in every moment, time shows us the way to move forward.

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