Masculine Energy

We all feel the need to be strong. Let’s be capable. To have some control over our destiny.
Because of the power that each of us wants, many fights are fought; either inside us, or at work, or in the family, or as a couple.

What we didn’t learn from anywhere is that power doesn’t look the same for everyone.
What is and what does power look like?
On earth there is a world of duality: day/night, life/death, good/bad, masculine/feminine…
No matter how much we would like to, we cannot escape this duality.
When we talk about masculine / feminine, we are talking about two opposite but always complementary powers.


Masculine Power—Masculine Energy

We know it quite well, because by its nature, male energy is more «visible» than female energy.
Masculine power is so competent, competitive, brash and never runs away from a challenge. But the masculine energy is the one that will ask for a conflict to get what it wants.

Masculine energy is never emotional, nor is it very interested in emotions, especially the emotions of others. It is focused like a laser wave. It does not dissipate, dilute, or get lost along its way in many directions.

The masculine energy is here to lead, to be not just authoritarian, but to be the Authority, if possible the Only Authority.

This aspect is well known but little accepted. Masculine energy is here not to be submissive but to subdue. Because of this, it makes many people feel very uncomfortable in the presence of people who emit a strong masculine energy. And here if the other person’s polarity tends towards the masculine.

We could define male energy as: hard, harsh, authoritarian, imposing, determined, bold, unyielding. Masculine energy and power is not at all gentle and obedient. When the feminine pole also develops, new qualities develop, but they are not necessarily specific to masculine power.

When it comes to masculine energy or masculine power, it is not exclusively about men, just as when it comes to feminine energy and feminine power, it is not exclusively about women.

Each of us can manifest either pole, or we can manifest both, either one at a time, or combined into one.


Masculine Energy – Creative Force

Masculine energy is our creative force, to succeed in creating something from the beginning. And it takes sacrifices, effort, toil, the cultivation of skills in order to then apply those skills to succeed in creating something. There is always a price for the Creator, but the reward is commensurate.

At the moment of creation you transmit a part of your life force to your creation. You are the one who gives it life. And this can be, for example, work at your workplace, a dinner that you prepare for your loved ones in your family.
Even the words you write or say, even the effort to put into words what you feel by choosing the words to express what you think, even these and many other acts of creation such as painting, dance, music are not only acts of creation, they are the work of male energy.
Masculine energy is not afraid of effort and confrontation. This energy does not ask life to be friendly, benevolent or cooperative. It is not an energy that asks favors neither from life nor from anyone. What it commands is respect and obedience.


Masculine Energy is here to Win

Where it’s hard, that’s where the masculine energy is called, and that’s where it will win the greatest victories.

Masculine energy is to win, every time.

Male energy creates practical and beautiful things, looking at who is having a hard time and jumping to lend a helping hand, carrying on his shoulders burdens that are too heavy for others.
This is the glory of male energy and this is its power: to carry what few can carry, to continue where others are beaten or run away, to break through in the end, even if after many battles there many were defeated.


The (darker) side of Male Energy

Masculine energy is proud and cannot bear to be challenged, it can easily become arrogant and feel that the fair price for all the work, toil and all the effort it puts in is in exchange, that everything it wants belongs to it.
The effort of male energy can also come as an affirmative and solidary answer to a prayer, and it will not wait for an invitation. The Masculine Energy will simply take the initiative, see where its effort, its skills are needed and help, bringing the contribution it can bring where it is needed.


Generosity and Nobleness – Pillars of Masculine Energy

Generosity and Nobility are two of the price characteristics of male energy. Like the Sun that stands proudly high in the sky and freely shares its vital force with all of us, the bearers of male energy are small creative suns that through their efforts give life around them and create a better present and future for everyone, not only for themselves.

There is a symbiotic relationship between masculine energy and its environment. Masculine energy offers its labor, effort, skills and work power willingly and without being forced by anyone, but it needs to be rewarded, not only with money for its work, but also with recognition, gratitude, respect and trust.

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