We have become slaves to our thoughts

We are caught up in a sea of ​​thoughts.

Thoughts that we receive and host in our minds.

We then hid them deep in it and did not get rid of them.

I gathered a lot of thoughts that I gave in exchange for feelings.

How a state of well-being, a state, a feeling appears in us, how the mind intervenes and transforms it into thoughts.

We see the sky, we look up at it.

We see the clouds.

We see blue.

Suddenly the mind intervenes promptly and begins to mix everything.

How deep is the sky?

And how do the clouds manage to float on it?

Will it start to rain if the wind blows in one direction?

And I didn’t take my umbrella …

Instead of feeling good and putting our thoughts aside, we all start to relax … we think we feel good.

Instead of loving … we think we love.

It is difficult to notice the difference between feeling good and thinking you are feeling good.

But there is still a big difference.

We need to relearn to feel, to look, to simply live.

Let’s live and not just think.

We measure our thoughts in lost time.

Feelings in better or worse times.

Thoughts bring us a lot of worry.

Feelings bring fullness and meaning.

We can sound the alarm when we become slaves to thought and become acquainted with the boredom that lies over us.

We feel the meaning and value of our life only in our heart. Not in what we manage to own or how we think.

But, insofar as we come to live directly with the whole being.



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