Lost and found


I got lost so I could find myself later.

I got lost walking on meaningless roads.

And, I recognized myself then, coming back to me whenever I needed to.

I heard the song in the house from which my soul was living.

Because only in the depths of my soul do I know my peace, freedom and happiness.

Here I can dream and stop dreaming whenever I need to.

Here the space was dressed in light and colored in the purple of autumn.

I look at the yellow, I look at the copper-coloured, I look at the red and then the intense cherry that shines from the silence of the warm rays of the sun.

I’m close to the colors of autumn.

And also from the depths of my soul to return the joys I express.

The caresses are back.

The imagines come back.

Little souls are returning, eagerly waiting for me to turn my attention to them.

Because I’m the connection to life.

I live to be and express myself in this way through my way of being a form of patience, understanding and trust.

I live to know how to express by my kind respect, care and protection.

I live to love and I express it through my way of existing forgiveness and friendship.



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