The glass labyrinth

If we knew that the sun wouldn’t rise tomorrow, what would fill the darkness of the rest of our lives with?

What exactly would counterbalance the lack of any horizon that would disappear in our sky?

And how would we adapt again on another day?

Could we find refuge to build parallel worlds?

And should these worlds be based on their own rules?

Where personal shortcomings and defects would reach the level of normality.Or they would just be simple standards for others. For most of us.

Sometimes the world that surrounds us is covered under a darkness. Another form of darkness. And, instinctively we run away from it without any reason in the middle of the family. Or maybe in a narrow circle of friends with whom we surround ourselves with the same concerns and climb or we go down the same scale of values.

Or, we sometimes try for no reason to create things in fields that light up stars in this world of darkness. Of immense darkness. – Let’s draw, dance, sing…..trying to color it.

The world has become here a huge market in which every person is a book with brightly colored covers. There are books in this market that people never open. Others have not been deciphered yet.

All of a sudden, the end of a stage happened here imperceptibly and gradually it was replaced by another stage in which there are no more landmarks. Or maybe the ones that existed until now don’t work anymore.

And we live an illusory image of freedom locked in a glass labyrinth.

And slowly through the glass walls we project our narrow horizons, bringing them closer and closer to us, forming our little world around us.

And we look better and better in it as if we are alive.


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