We need to trust.

We need to end the ongoing battle with time.

We need to stop thinking that if we are too weak or too gullible, those around us will consider us a victim.

I want to smile at some man whom I see for the first time in my life. And not because the civilization I belong to wants me that way, but because that’s how I feel.

And I don’t want life to be a continuous rush. A run after something or from something.

I want to have time to feel nature, people. And how else than….about life I mean.

Sometimes it’s good to see the rest.

That there are good things that come for free.

What would it be like to have someone tell you about happiness.

And that it’s ok to be happy. And that you deserve to be happy.

And that it is normal to feel weak sometimes.

And that sometimes you have to stop.

Stop what you are doing, appreciate yourself and give yourself time to understand yourself.


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