Life is a continuous exercise of expiration and inspiration.

… an amalgam of feelings and accomplishments.

We always try to find us the real ones.

… leaving aside the other inventions of society.

We always rediscover ourselves and reinvent ourselves.

We smile sometimes.

Smiles are shy, hidden.

Sometimes they are sad, bitter, lacking in brightness, because they are loaded with what we gather negatively without our will.

Sometimes smiles are sharp in their irony.

Because that’s how it was drawn somewhere in the inner universe… and then in the face of events … and, of people who hurt us and snatched tolerance from us.

Thoughts, worries, events, questions and … people with their attitude drove away from our face … the smile.

And we were poorer by smiles.

Until the moment we decide to open the door of our life and go to ourselves and to our moments of joy.

We exercise our smile by projecting the spark of light into our inner universe.

Light that then flows outwards teaching us again what a smile means.

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