A short review

There is safety in those close to you.

They always provide you with support points.

Energy sources.

Mirrors in which to see yourself as you are.

Neither better nor worse.

As if holding out a hand, your gesture should reflect.

And in addition, you have the certainty that you are not alone.

Alone with you when the abyss of loneliness opens around you.

Created by hatred, aggression and lies.

It helps you not feel too much pain when everything hurts …

Good and evil are well divided.

Just like the beautiful and the ugly.

Beauty is dependent on education and retreats in front of the ugly.

The ugly one is aggressive, noisy and gives the impression that he dominates the whole field.

That there is no way to save.

The ugly in most cases can hide behind masks that can mislead you.

And the idea of ​​beauty often seems distorted.

I know that it is only up to us to be good or worse, or that we are hard left alone and many people appear in victory who claim to have helped us.

And when all the bad things happen to us, pains, fears, failures, humiliations, defeats, diseases, they are necessary for us to check our strength and self-confidence.


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