Have you ever thought how many people started to emphasize all of us and everything to the detriment of their own happiness and their own opinions? And how many of us have started to behave according to the world’s expectations…more precisely, to copy in an unnatural note characters that do not suit us? Have you […]

refuge words strings

Strings of words next to each other. Strings of thoughts. Momentary thoughts. Moments… Without ordering the words too much, they are loaded and carry with them bitter longings, victorious moments….and every now and then a smile sneaks in. They bring beginning and end fragments. I say words that try to break a silence. Other words […]

who are we

Who are we when thoughts take us with the wave and flood us with reality and madness in our head? Who are we when the confusion in our head becomes more and more oppressive? Who are we to dictate what is right and what is false? What is true and what is a lie? Sometimes […]

hello need trust

We need to trust. We need to end the ongoing battle with time. We need to stop thinking that if we are too weak or too gullible, those around us will consider us a victim. I want to smile at some man whom I see for the first time in my life. And not because […]

glass labyrinth

If we knew that the sun wouldn’t rise tomorrow, what would fill the darkness of the rest of our lives with? What exactly would counterbalance the lack of any horizon that would disappear in our sky? And how would we adapt again on another day? Could we find refuge to build parallel worlds? And should […]


Appearances follow the game of mirrors. Today I am a «commoner» in a society built from a model in which a small, unique man follows the game of mirrors. Try not to stick labels where you don’t know. He tries not to see people and things that have attached to them the description of how […]

moments pass eyes

Moments pass before my eyes…..seconds that belonged in the past….I belonged yesterday and I lived today. I looked for tomorrow a day from the day before yesterday. I wanted to change night into day many times and to shorten winter by half of summer. To bring spring in the middle of autumn. And to change […]

that meant for me 2022

A year full of controversies in which I accumulated… a path that kept me on the line of understanding, tolerance… I appreciated…seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. The problems, the darkness, the restlessness, the states of uncertainty will always be part of me. But thanks to them I appreciated this light at […]

there days

There are days when you start searching and getting to know yourself. Hello here i am…That’s how you get to know yourself, then you give yourself up to rediscover yourself…better…wiser…maybe another bit more different. There are still days when you want to be silent, ignore the crowd, be with yourself… away from the crowd, away […]

search balance point

Too much weakness and too little strength. Too much restlessness and too little peace. Too much sadness and too little joy. Too much bad and too little good. Too much ugly and too little beautiful. Too much instability and too little stability. Too much fear and too little courage. Too much flight and too little […]