Körpersprache Preening repetitive Handlungen

Das Preening zeigt sich oft in der Körpersprache, besonders beim Flirten mit jemandem. Preening bedeutet sicherzustellen, dass wir unser Bestes geben, insbesondere wenn es darum geht, unseren potenziellen zukünftigen Partner zu treffen. Wenn wir über Preening sprechen, können körpersprachliche Signale die Anordnung von Krawatte und Manschetten, Gürtel oder anderen Kleidungsaccessoires beinhalten. Frauen prüfen noch einmal […]

I am me

And because there is no one in this world like me, I can say it’s me. People like me, but no one looks like me at all. I am exactly how I look and speak, everything I say and do, everything I think and feel at a given moment. All this cumulation represents me. I […]

A short review

There is safety in those close to you. They always provide you with support points. Energy sources. Mirrors in which to see yourself as you are. Neither better nor worse. As if holding out a hand, your gesture should reflect. And in addition, you have the certainty that you are not alone. Alone with you […]


Life is a continuous exercise of expiration and inspiration. … an amalgam of feelings and accomplishments. We always try to find us the real ones. … leaving aside the other inventions of society. We always rediscover ourselves and reinvent ourselves. We smile sometimes. Smiles are shy, hidden. Sometimes they are sad, bitter, lacking in brightness, […]

most beautiful eyes

The most beautiful eyes are not brown. Not green. Neither blue nor black. The most beautiful eyes are those who love and hide behind the retina the moon and the sun, the sea and the mountains. The most beautiful eyes bear the smile of a child. The most beautiful eyes laugh. And cry sometimes. They bath […]

Book Review Marina Abramović Walk Through Walls

Marina Abramović writes in her book «Walk Through Walls: A Memoir» with detachment about her own life. The book has the transparency of a showcase, in which the well-known artist exposes her being, as she did in performing arts. Absolute sincerity towards her and others does not make her vulnerable, but gives her strength. The […]


Do you know what sound your moment has? Like a child’s smile? Or maybe a drop of water? The sound of rain? Or the song that takes you back in time? The moment is the thread of the soul. And it passes through us giving it life. Let’s not leave it empty or speechless. The […]

Movie Night July August Movie Night March May Vicky Cristina Barcelona The Untouchables

Im Film «Madres Paralelas» spricht der Regisseur über Janis und Ana, zwei Single-Frauen, welche in derselben Geburtsstation in Madrid gebären. Janis ist eine erfolgreiche Fotografin, sie nähert sich den 40er Jahren und sie ist nach einer Romanze mit einem verheirateten Mann schwanger geworden. Sie erfreut sich daran, dass sie bald Mutter wird und es stört […]

may be satisfied

Each of us is a universe. We are different and it is normal to want different things. I know people close to me as much as I can understand them and let them be discovered. Besides many people, I managed to cross paths in one way… or another. I let some people go. Others have […]