search identity

  In the depths I lose myself, in verses without rhyme and rhythm, Searching for me, in the maze of my crazy heart. In a universe of chaos and unanswered questions, I’m looking for my identity, the soul lost in a dream. I walk through the shadows, drowning in memories and regrets, Searching for meaning […]

when life flows

Life is a river, they say. An apt image. Life is in motion, changes are our daily bread. Sometimes we swim in the river, sometimes we are on a safe boat or on a raft that may seem shaky. Life is cannot be planned. That is why we often do well to let go and […]

past present future

The past, an open book behind, Pages he had written in ink long ago. Memories woven with glory and hope, Some pale, some darker. The present, a shining moment, Interwoven with golden seconds and moments. Opportunities that caress your palms, Accompanied by choices that never come back. The future, a mystery full of dreams and […]


There are texts in which moral beauty is extremely rare. Sometimes we reflect on these essential issues in small steps. Sometimes we neglect them. Most of the time we forget them…or maybe we never manage to touch on them. …..For me, friendships are opportunities where I try to exchange kindnesses, congratulations or simply modern impressions. […]

when rains

Few love the rain. Few of us understand it. Few appreciate it. The rain is life in a metaphor, it is the feelings in one place, it is the mental. Music and sighing in one place. It is our understanding with the universe. It is the connection between us and the sky. It is the […]

love beautiful emotion

Love is one of the most powerful and complex emotions we can experience as humans. It can be a source of happiness and fulfillment, but it can also be a source of pain and sadness. However, love remains one of the most beautiful and remarkable aspects of our lives. When it comes to describing love, […]

love exercise relationship

Do you want to cultivate love in your life? Try this Exercise: Of course, I will be happy to help you try to cultivate love in your life. Here’s an exercise you can try:   Start by making a list of the qualities you look for in a partner or relationship. These could include: trust, […]

miss every day

…..emotion, shining eyes, the wrinkles that were amplified by our smiles. I miss laughing like a child, not just dreaming. I miss the dreams that will come later. Friendships, truths, encouragements that came at the right time and hugs for no reason. I miss hearing the emotion felt from the warmth of a voice and […]