When Your Heart Speaks: What Would It Tell You?

In the stillness of the night, when the moonlight casts its silver over the universe and the wind whispers its ancient stories, the soul begins to listen. It heeds the timeless call of the heart, that subtle voice that pulses in rhythms of life. An inner journey begins, seeking the wisdom from the sanctuary within. […]

Beautiful Words: The Eternal Essence

In the vast universe of language, words are not mere tools of communication; they are precious stones, whirlwinds of emotion, and colors of thought. In a subtle dance of meanings, these small linguistic jewels carve their way through thoughts and feelings, creating a fascinating tapestry of human experience. There are words as white as jasmine, […]

Scent of a Woman

In the movie «Scent of a Woman,» there’s an unforgettable scene: the one where the protagonist, played by Al Pacino, invites a young woman to dance. She responds, «I can’t because my fiancé will arrive any moment now.» «In a moment, a whole life can be lived!» he replies, leading her to dance a tango. […]

The Silent Speak of the Body

In the pale light of morning, when shadows intertwine with the dawn, and silence reigns over the entire universe, I have often wondered: «If my body could speak, what would it say?» It would be an echo of the mysteries hidden deep within my being, a river of thoughts and feelings that, usually, remain buried […]

Authenticity: The Truth About Being Yourself

In a world where the pressure to conform and fit into imposed molds can be overwhelming, being authentic to yourself is a precious treasure, a beacon of light in the midst of darkness. Authenticity isn’t just about being different or standing out; it’s about expressing your true nature in every action and word. At the […]

Movie Night July August Movie Night March April May Vicky Cristina Barcelona The Untouchables When Nietzsche Wept

«When Nietzsche Wept» is a film that delves into the abysses of philosophical thought, exploring the psychological depths of the renowned philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. The director chooses to offer a glimpse beyond Nietzsche’s public figure, digging deep into the inner world of the man behind the ideas. Structured around the poignant moment when Nietzsche, masterfully […]