search balance point

Too much weakness and too little strength. Too much restlessness and too little peace. Too much sadness and too little joy. Too much bad and too little good. Too much ugly and too little beautiful. Too much instability and too little stability. Too much fear and too little courage. Too much flight and too little […]

words free

We come with a word. And, we come through words. We stay together sometimes because of words. We are in words. And sometimes we find ourselves in words. Words…are the baggage of our entire universe. Sometimes they are surprisingly sweet. Other times, disturbingly volcanic. Through words we sometimes have an asset. Many times they are […]


You are my autumn. You are my muse, bohemian lady. Sometimes sunny. Elegance. And you got the color palette. And you came distinguished… Floating gently through the air…like the thoughts…which are deposited one by one here. And you painted the earth. One day you painted the leaves and then the forest. The following days the […]

I am me

And because there is no one in this world like me, I can say it’s me. People like me, but no one looks like me at all. I am exactly how I look and speak, everything I say and do, everything I think and feel at a given moment. All this cumulation represents me. I […]

A short review

There is safety in those close to you. They always provide you with support points. Energy sources. Mirrors in which to see yourself as you are. Neither better nor worse. As if holding out a hand, your gesture should reflect. And in addition, you have the certainty that you are not alone. Alone with you […]


Life is a continuous exercise of expiration and inspiration. … an amalgam of feelings and accomplishments. We always try to find us the real ones. … leaving aside the other inventions of society. We always rediscover ourselves and reinvent ourselves. We smile sometimes. Smiles are shy, hidden. Sometimes they are sad, bitter, lacking in brightness, […]

most beautiful eyes

The most beautiful eyes are not brown. Not green. Neither blue nor black. The most beautiful eyes are those who love and hide behind the retina the moon and the sun, the sea and the mountains. The most beautiful eyes bear the smile of a child. The most beautiful eyes laugh. And cry sometimes. They bath […]


Do you know what sound your moment has? Like a child’s smile? Or maybe a drop of water? The sound of rain? Or the song that takes you back in time? The moment is the thread of the soul. And it passes through us giving it life. Let’s not leave it empty or speechless. The […]