lack of time

  We have the feeling that we don’t have enough time. We are running. And, we are stepping away from each other. We are the old child who wants to hurry everything. And, we speed up time in our minds. We become young and then mature and complain about the lack of time. If we […]

love needed spontaneously

  I brought the whole world like in a bazaar. And so we all dressed in luxurious clothes. We called everything as being around us only through superlatives of love, friendship, brotherhood, humanism … And we looked at each other. Some of us wore uniforms, some didn’t. A priest does not become a priest only […]

step forward

There is a place where, if you look, you notice with great joy that any step you take is a step forward. Here and when you sit still you take a step forward. Also from here you can see that no matter how many steps you have taken before, you begin to realize that you […]

myths perfume

With the industrialization and modern life, the technique of using perfume has brought many curiosities in people’s lives. The art of using fine essences has brought in time the idea that people should be helped to improve their self-image and to want and question their self-confidence when they did not leave behind a gift of […]

Authenticity relationship values

  Authentic means being unique, unique in your own way. Authentic means not deviating from your story. There are many stories opposite to your story, but you choose your own story, the one that assumes your own person. There are times when you stop from time to time throughout your story and ask yourself, «How […]

perfume summer

The seasons are important factors in our lives. They influence our well-being. Fresh out of the cold and long winter nights and gloomy days without too much light, we want to escape the cold. The long-awaited season has begun. In our imagination we associate summer with vacation, relaxation, joy, exploration and high temperatures. And we […]

dance eternity

  We live the feeling of eternity. We’ve known each other for a long time. We always look around us for the change that is happening in front of our eyes. Some look ironic. Others do not want to look around. Few of us see and understand time as a dance of eternity. Some of […]

memories us

  I am somewhere far away a part of past memories, and I am just a human who once went through their life. Paradoxically, but there are times when I try to turn time back to fix some things. To be able to meet the same people and change the things lived with them for […]