Do you know what sound your moment has?

Like a child’s smile?

Or maybe a drop of water?

The sound of rain?

Or the song that takes you back in time?

The moment is the thread of the soul.

And it passes through us giving it life.

Let’s not leave it empty or speechless.

The moment is part of us.

Part of the others.

Our moments sometimes intersect.

Then we are the moment of the other and we influence our feelings.

The sound of your moment resonates with the sound of the other’s moment.

Even if they have clouds and rain, maybe it can be a smile for them.

The moment is passing.

And it costs nothing.

The moment caresses the soul and pauses when the moments of others hurt.

Try to make a song out of your moment.

Dew for the moments of thirsty souls.

Sunbathe when others are in the storm.

And hot when some are cold.

To do from the moment the day when the moments of others are found in the night.

And, stop by from time to time, wondering: «What sound does my moment have now?»


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