In search of the balance point

Too much weakness and too little strength.

Too much restlessness and too little peace.

Too much sadness and too little joy.

Too much bad and too little good.

Too much ugly and too little beautiful.

Too much instability and too little stability.

Too much fear and too little courage.

Too much flight and too little fight.

Too many lacks and too few values.

Too much searching and too little finding.

Where do we come from and where are we going?

A single point of balance.

Balancing destiny.

We are unbalanced.

And we balance.

The acrobats of our lives step on the thin bridges of the unforeseen.

It surprises us.

Sometimes with fear.


We are dancing on a needlepoint.

The more we lose balance, the more we move away from ourselves, from who we really are… We lose the way of our identity.

We are looking for a balanced life.

We avoid boredom.

Life can be diverse, extremely diverse.

Only if its components have deep roots in the soul.

The feelings of a balanced life give freedom and feelings of security.


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