Because the extraordinary exists now and here


Through the light of the eyes, there is a projection of every day.

It starts every morning with the smell of coffee, the most aromatic part of the day.

And to enjoy the coffee you have to feel like a happy man.

The gratitude that comes from somewhere inside me helps me see things closer to me.

The flowers I surround myself with.

The smiles of the people I meet.

The little attentions and proofs of friendship that we offer each other.

Then the peace of nature.

The expanse of water in a lake with all the life forms that live there.

Maybe my way of expressing myself.

That moment when you get to pleasantly surprise someone, reading the happiness in one`s eyes.

Fruit aromas and colors.

The taste of vegetables.

Maybe the chance to meet people.

Connecting with nature.

The way you feel the rain.

Enjoy the first snowflake.

To wait for another spring.

Looking at the colors of autumn.

Charge up with your loved ones.

Have a nice dialogue.

Maybe music.

Play of children.

The kitten trying to get to know my terrace for the first time, walking shyly among the flowers…

… All these are small fragments of a lived life.

With dreamy moments.

With moments of long-term plans.

An elapsed time that I manage to fragment from the real world.

The time I sacrifice by spending seconds of it, thinking.

Precious time that passes by me, failing to live those extraordinary seconds of my life.

Those fragments that I enjoy when I look at them.

Because the extraordinary exists now and here, seen through the light of my eyes.



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