Thoughts on a lost autumn

Autumn, this time of year, brings with it a song of change. It’s like a quiet yet profound farewell to the warmth of summer as nature prepares for the cold, bleak winter ahead. However, sometimes autumn can become more than just a transition from summer to winter – it can become a lost autumn, full of nostalgia and melancholy.

As the leaves fall in their dance of vivid colors, we reminisce about sunny days and outdoor trips, now replaced by cold winds and gray skies. Lost Autumn brings to our attention the ephemerality of life and the inevitable changes that surround us.

The forest, once full of life, now seems a place of silence and solitude. The bare trees and dry bushes emphasize the absence of life that has left this place. With every gust of wind, the last leaves break off and fall to the ground, covering the ground with a soft and colorful blanket. It is a natural spectacle that teaches us to accept the inevitability of change and loss.

In our cities, the streets and parks now seem deserted, and the cafes are filled with hot teas and nostalgic chats. People fondly remember past summers and prepare their souls for the upcoming winter holidays. Lost Autumn is a time of contemplation and self-discovery.

Despite the sadness and melancholy that can accompany the lost autumn, this season also gives us the opportunity to reconnect with ourselves and appreciate the beauty of the passage of time. It’s a learning moment about accepting change and the joy of finding beauty in the ephemeral.

Lost Autumn is not only about what is lost, but also about what is found during this delicate transition. It is a season of reconnecting with nature, self and others, a time of learning to appreciate the beauty in every moment, no matter how fleeting.


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