«The ancient Greeks did not have gods of friendship, although they had the cult of friendship. How could this be explained? The gods and goddesses are full of whims, jealous, impulsive, angry, abandon their protégés, hit, use people in their own interest, raise and lower them at will. You can’t trust them, you can’t rely on them, even when they’re on your side. If in ancient Greek heaven friendship does not have a god, it is because it is above whims and wraths, above blasphemous desires, reward, and vengeance. There is no god of friendship because the gods are not serene enough to patronize it, it does not rise to its height.
Of the three kinds of friendship that Aristotle calls friendship — the friendship of necessity, the friendship of pleasure, and the «perfect, friendship of people […] who wish each other good,» only the latter deserves the name of friendship and resists. To want the good for someone else means, in the latter case, to want it, at the same time, for yourself.

It is your refuge.

The place where it can be called rest or where you can feel safe.

Because it’s about equality and reciprocity regardless of your value, age, gender or the qualities you have or lack.

You cannot be expelled or fired from this universe.

And to last indefinitely without ever being interrupted no matter if a day, a month, a year, a life has passed.

There you do not hide your opinions about the people around you about what you live.

It’s a life.

If it’s over, it’s over, and even that can’t stop it.

And it continues until one of the two lives and then passes by itself, as in the ancient Greeks in the story above.

It cannot be banned.

Humor is part of it.

It has its well-defined characteristics, it has no rules.

And for this reason it cannot have any irregularities.

Understand everything without explanation.

When the explanation appears, it is not to explain, but to sweeten your time.

You can make mistakes in life.

This does not disturb the friendship that is beyond error and forgiveness.

Friendship is more precious than love.

When friendship is attributed to all these qualities, you can call it a true friendship.

If not, then it is love.

True friendship is saved.

If it’s lost forever, it’s not friendship.

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