Fighting pride


Pride lies in each of us.

Somewhere inside us we find him once nestled in our soul.

We feed it and take care of it as a label of our image.

Reason works with him.

We find pride in bright souls … in dark souls.

Pride dehumanizes … and ultimately distances us from ourselves.

Many times I felt the need to be the severe judges of others and to apply the final sentence.

Because reason decided so.

Out of pride you can easily give up.

Many times we do not forgive those who «wrong» us and we drive them out of our world.

And just as many times, judging them too harshly, we punish ourselves.

And we don’t just give up on people but also on some projects in which we have invested money, friendships, love relationships.

From pride, family relationships can be lost.

This is how you take the shortest path to someone and closing your eyes and soul you give up everything and everyone.

From the dark universe of pride I chose to write only about the struggle of pride on the stage of love.

It is the most beautiful part of the fight between pride at least at the beginning of a relationship.

It is the struggle in which the gain is a real one.

And I would call this the struggle of pride through the game of passions.

When two people truly love and know each other, they will always know how to hold on to the reins of pride.

In a relationship, both partners must fight to win each other back.

It is a motivating pride that trains the two and maintains their passion.

It is the fire that keeps their relationship flame alive and the two burn without consuming the brilliance.

A glow that feeds on each other.

When love belongs to one person, the balance of pride leans toward the pole of renunciation.

And that doesn’t necessarily mean pride.

When a person loves deeply he seeks to maintain this fire.

Only by receiving indifference or even humiliation he feels the need to leave.

To be found and redefined by someone else.

Because pride ultimately depends on the impression we want to create and leave behind.

We often get lost in pride – forgetting to be us – because from somewhere in us he tells us that we want to show and prove to others that «something».

That we are different than others see us.

And in this wandering you probably feel a satisfaction that often leads to unhappiness.


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