mud paradise

Strange as it may sound, I will start with a question that has been provoking me for some time: Mud versus Paradise? There comes a time for you to start not resonating with the things that are happening around you. Things, that until then seemed natural and that followed their course and were part of you […]


We cannot call journeys ugly and beautiful journeys. We can call it travel and that’s it. No more. Since you were born you have been thrown on your train. It depends on your luck whether you are born in the first class or in the second class. If your train has a dining wagon or […]

Verbeugung nach vorne

Die Bewegung nach vorne ist ein Indiz dafür, dass jemand Messages sendet.  Wie wäre, wenn du einen Schritt nach vorne machst, um jemandem etwas zu geben. Es gibt viele Fälle, in denen die Transition zwischen dem persönlichen und dem intimen Raum Verwirrung schafft. Wir können zum Beispiel den Fall aus dem romanischen Bereich nehmen, in […]

Körpersprache persönlicher Raum

Weil wir alle verschiedene Präferenzen bezüglich des persönlichen Raums haben, wenn eine Person in unseren Raum kommt, neigen wir dazu uns von jener Person zu entfernen, anstelle sie aus unserem Raum zu verbannen. Zum Beispiel kann dies bei einem romantischen Date beobachtet werden, wenn eine Person in den intimen Raum der anderen Person kommt. Als […]

Seasons of love

In love there are certain seasons, specific to different periods of life that can make love be perceived differently. In a relationship, the partners go through different stages of love. The spring of love in which the two discover each other, they fall in love. It can also be called adolescent love manifested at different […]

Körpersprache Vergrösserung Körper

Vergrösserung ist typisch für Männer, kann aber auch bei Frauen vorgefunden werden. Es ist ein Basismuster der Körpersprache. Das Ziel ist, dass dein Köper grösser, höher und breiter wirkt. Du kannst diesen Ausdruck erreichen, indem du aufrecht stehst, den Kopf erhöht und das Kinn nach vorne zeigend. Oder indem du deine Brust aufblähst, die Beine […]

men elastic women

And, which of the two partners is to blame? There is no guilt anywhere. And he offers and she offers. He offers with reason, she offers with the soul. He always seeks to give her solutions to all the problems she faces and to give her explanations when she is not satisfied with him. She […]

review John Gray Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

The book «Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus» written by couple therapist Dr. John Gray is a relationship textbook. The author’s decoded language helps both sexes understand the dialogue the two can use to communicate. Although women and men speak the same language, the meaning of the words is perceived differently. Being two […]

Poor Rich

When I feel like a poor man I start to complain. I’m starting to get through the situation I’m in. And it’s starting to get hard for me. Because I don’t want to be seen differently. And I don’t want to know myself any differently than I do. And I slip on a slope where […]

everything deserve

Sometimes we deserve it, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we are good, other times we take out everything that is worse from us and we show the press in front of the house. And when there is silence around you, you begin to regret it. What do you regret most? Regret what you couldn’t control. Or […]