Because the world I see is sometimes awful but, it’s as beautiful as it is


I have never met people who do not want to be happy.

All the secrets, all the codes you try to disconnect or find out don’t take you for much time too far.

Because if we were to time happiness, it is only a matter of time.

In real life there is no happiness like in movies.

And no happiness as in novels with fairies and beautiful boys.

There are many recipes that some say lead you to happiness.

Some say they are happy for a duration and continuity during a lifetime.

Others say they are happy for several hours a day.

There is happiness that some manage to minimize to fit in a table.

And tick what they reached out.

One draws another line under the ultramodern house, under the car I don’t know which … and when they manage to make a lot of money.

Only after they have what they set out to do do they think they will be able to be unlimited by the happy.

It’s probably nice to believe in little things.

In the happiness that comes from sparkles. In a flash. In a second. In milliseconds.

And then what is the mistake we make?

We may seek our happiness in the networks of others by forgetting that everyone finds their happiness in their own unique way, limited by their world and the way they want to see it.


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