Who are we?

Who are we when thoughts take us with the wave and flood us with reality and madness in our head?

Who are we when the confusion in our head becomes more and more oppressive?

Who are we to dictate what is right and what is false?

What is true and what is a lie?

Sometimes we hide from ourselves in loneliness.

Sometimes we take refuge behind words.

In most cases we float in the oblivion of hidden emotions.

We love to experience deep states, fears or frustrations, loves and passions.

Sometimes we like it when everything is rosy, and we float for a while when we feel happy in a world parallel to reality.

Madness also has its rules.

Are we normal when we live without fear in an increased intensity of love or sadness?

When everything around us urges us to remember who we are.

When you are sad and everything leads you down the path of questions and you start to forget who you are and what unknown paths you are heading towards.

When you float on uncertain waters and quicksand.

Love and sadness is just the parallel of good and bad emotions and always combines us.

It is the state of normality.

This state of madness hidden in thousands of states and experiences disguised as loves and sorrows from our soul.

So many states in which neither I, nor you, nor we together know who we really are anymore.


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