When it rains

Few love the rain. Few of us understand it. Few appreciate it.

The rain is life in a metaphor, it is the feelings in one place, it is the mental. Music and sighing in one place.

It is our understanding with the universe. It is the connection between us and the sky. It is the melodious sound in the song of a raindrop.

The rain is our reason to dream, to run away from everyday life and to enjoy the escape by taking refuge in a warm corner of the soul.

When our mind is too busy with thoughts, we try to pour them out. Through the rain. Discreetly, as we try to stay in front of the rain, we feel its presence.

Let’s take together the scene of the rain in a small everyday setting. – Observe the scenes during the rain. Observe the colors that a painter tries to capture here. Or of a photographer eager for the sensation of a unique moment. Or of a musician who tries the sounds of the drops of rain that only his ear can reproduce.

Observe the uniqueness of each moment. Discover eternity in the moments of each moment. Observe the sky. Observe the blur in the white fog of the dense fog that is trying to break up. Surprise your world by the movement of the raindrops. Appreciate the extreme charm of that jerky character in the rain fragment….

Light rains. Heavy rains. Long rains. Delicate and fast rains. Voluptuous and wild rains. Caressing rains. Wet and warm rains. Strong and endless rains. Cool and ice-cold rains. Rains that hurt us. Rains that freeze us. Rains that they give us chills. Rain that refreshes us…….

We all felt all these rains on our skin.

To be in contact with the rain, to give yourself time to feel, to live, to be able to imprint in yourself such moments of joy.

Try to dedicate part of your time to analysis, to emotion through these unique perceptions that the rain gives you.

Do not refuse this pleasure!

The rain teaches us to take the moments of life as they are, to live them deeply and to go through the good and bad moments with it.

Let’s undress the thoughts from the soul and release them outwards just like the rain…..


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