We with ourselves


Beyond our smiles is us.

Beyond the masks, we wear outside of us are us.

Beyond people’s judgment and their verdicts, we are again.

Beyond the assumptions and condemnation of ordinary beings, we are ourselves.

We, who only know our stories in our lives.

Those through whom sorrows flow.

Those of us who live our pains.

Those who shake our struggles and hide our fears all the time.

Sometimes unhappy.

Most of the time unfulfilled.

Misunderstood by those we want close.

Unloved by our fellows.

We are probably sensitive.

Most of the time vulnerable.



Able to give a little of our time.

Willing sometimes we receive an exchange of ideas.

Eager to associate with people we think we are compatible with.

To respect each other.

To stop us from time to time from our madness.

And listen.

To allow in our haste to approach our thoughts.

To no longer be selfish.

To let go of our pride for a moment.

To accept an opinion.

To leave us in suspense.

Let’s close our eyes for just a minute.

A single minute of silence, which we let imprint in our minds like an eternity.

We probably felt relaxed.

A good thought.

Maybe we found a bridge with us.

It would be the pact with ourselves in which our masks would fall for us, even for a minute.


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