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For some, captivity becomes the bird’s obsession in the cage dreaming of freedom.

But spring doesn’t know that.

Hot and cold wind, rain, snow. It’s not pleasant. But in nature, all follow their course. We lookout. Towards the horizon.

But spring doesn’t know that.

The birds return from the warm countries. The flowers are blooming. Trees sprout. A little more time has passed on us. Agal, we look at the hours that pass as the years go by.

But spring doesn’t know that.

At the eaves of the corner of my house, the birds started to breed. We always look forward to the next few days, as if our lives would be a cumulative number of years that we could not find any more. And we want everything to happen as quickly as possible.

But spring doesn’t know that.

The magnolias in the meanwhile either undone and shaken. The daffodils smile turning towards us their yellow and serene ends. Flowers spring times bloom. An invasion of white, yellow, purple-blue and raw green stretch across the nearly frozen ground. Above nature, time was long past which announced easter time.

But we know that after a while we will find out that the time for us will start to reverse. And the course of things will follow his trajectory for us, people, too.



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