Thoughts laid out on paper


A thought.

A season that passed too quickly without being understood by me.

One year.

A hot summer rain.

Smile and tear together.

The frosty winter and the days that pass with difficulty.

A hug.

Ice silence.

An unspoken word.

The war between us.



Thirst for food, beauty, ideal, love.

Is it about the past, the present or maybe the Future?

It is return, trial, forgiveness, forgetfulness, laughter, crying, love, it is life.

And after all these, this game starts again and again in a crazy rhythm.

I am the actor in the scene who plays a great or small role, important for what people want and what they want to find in me. What they want me to decide to do.

And the role begins with what I can be.

And then I start to play as much as I want.

And that every time after the show the mask disappears.

And I end up who I was before or I got lost in another role.

And in my roles I unleash myself in words, deeds, thoughts, reaching to be all the beasts in one place: lion, tiger, falcon, eagle, and in the end I end up in a small insect, very small, which cannot be seen and which succeeds to be crushed again.

And so I manage to run from the facts that unfold around me but not from the thoughts that invade me.

Thoughts to leave laid out, each time different on this piece of paper.




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