The need for people and the need for words


When you are in a bad mood, you need people.

And you need more than ever their happiness, their enthusiasm, their success and their smile.

Feel by your side.

Because we complement each other.

Just like optimism.

Just like what you transmit.

When I write, for example, I feel good, relaxed.

And I convey that state through words.

Maybe when I read some words written by me I will sketch a smile on someone’s lips.

Because I’m looking for the same thing when I’m looking to read something.

I read what attracts me and makes me feel good.

And I look for this relaxation in reading the writings of others and to smile.

And that makes me feel like I’m reaching a level.

That I find out more and that I can have a good time.

Or maybe it gives me a sense of optimism and I’m a different person.

At least not the one who left in a bad state before.



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