The memories are us


I am somewhere far away a part of past memories, and I am just a human who once went through their life.

Paradoxically, but there are times when I try to turn time back to fix some things.

To be able to meet the same people and change the things lived with them for the better.

And sometimes it happens that everything you had next to you is no longer near you.

And people who were once there, don’t be there anymore.

And go back in time to remember the things that were left there.

See a person and start developing in your mind all the things that happened together with that person.

To smell something and immediately come to your mind a memory related to that smell.

We are our memories.

Some better, some less good.

And we always gather memories of ourselves.

Because they are part of our lives and they are the most beautiful things in this world.

From them we feed our soul and mind.

We bring with them in the foreground the emotions lived with them, the moments and the images with our loved ones.

Sometimes we live with them and for them.

They are with us and we carry them with us stored in the memory drawers, so we can access them whenever we need them.


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