The masculine personality side


There is a present. An important moment in which the present decays like a movie. A movie that is part of a … he. A «he» that is viewed through the perspective of the universe of a «she». She probably has a vision it’s going like that …

File by file passes one by one as images in front of her eyes. She perceives them, chooses them, tries to make a film of them. She can rewind the last file, and revisit it whenever she wants. She keeps her in memory. Try to identify with it. To live it more or less.

Through her eyes … «the man is … the artist, the man is … the sculptor, the man is … the painter, the man is … the historian, the man is … the composer, the man is … the choreographer, the man is … a playwright, the man is himself a poet. «

But the joy of living these moments does not mean just looking at those pictures and being a simple witness to them. It means to live each of those moments. You enjoy your own time, try to be part of your time, create your universe and have the chance to be yourself.



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