The dance of eternity


We live the feeling of eternity.

We’ve known each other for a long time.

We always look around us for the change that is happening in front of our eyes.

Some look ironic.

Others do not want to look around.

Few of us see and understand time as a dance of eternity.

Some of us flirt with eternity.

Because we like to believe and live the feeling of being eternal.

We know that eternity exists somewhere, but no one has seen it.

Whether we want to accept it or not, everything is fleeting.

Time to pass by us without interruption.

We see it.

We live in moments when time really doesn’t matter anymore.

There are unique moments when time is relevant.

When you are happy, time hangs somewhere in the universe. Same when you’re sad.

Then we can say that time does not really exist.

Then you go back to the previous tic tac repeating everything in your time.

As time passes, so do joys and sorrows.

Time, as a dance of eternity from which you come out and enter your times, is the dance that you want to dance sometimes alone, sometimes in tandem but most of the time enjoying the song in yourself.

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