What would it have been like if my soul had been deprived of these few treasures?


I’ve always been fascinated by treasures.

That’s why I looked for them in all sorts of ways.

I associated them in multiple ways.

And I found them, and then I lost them, finally finding them again, enjoying them.

What I was looking for was very close to me.

Because it is said that man holds the truest treasures in the depths of his soul.

And I opened my soul.

There I found the most beautiful feelings.

I rebuilt them and built them to make them feel warmer than before.

Then I leaned.

I found the strength to get up again.

And, to rise whenever life has brought me to my knees.

I looked up.

From within my soul began to feel free.

I looked around and rediscovered goodness.

That side of generosity that some of us expose in abundance.

And I shared my thoughts.

I shared tears.

I shared smiles.

I formed from all this together all that was best and most beautiful inside me.

I believed in each of those loves to which they are given to the world.

I stopped at these few treasures.

Without them, my soul would have been more desolate and poorer.


Like a house, you lived in many years ago and would have become lifeless now.


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