Self portrait in a broken mirror

In a dimly lit room, a solitary artist
He sits down in front of the broken mirror in a corner of his room,
And he looks at himself with eyes full of nostalgia and melancholy,
With a heart full of memories and deep feelings.

The broken mirrors, like his broken soul,
It reflects fragments of the past, of a lost dream,
Where hopes and wishes were dashed,
Where illusions were shattered and the earth was scorched.

In his dark eyes, a sad story is reflected,
A labyrinth of incomprehensible emotions and experiences,
Its radiant beauty and optimism lost,
It remained a prisoner in this vain and transient world.

With brush in hand, the artist begins to paint,
Trying to pick up the pieces of his broken soul,
Trying to find meaning and harmony in the chaos around,
In the broken mirror and in his own disappointed existence.

But its colors are blackened with sorrow and pain,
The features of the face, marked by the passage of time,
The wounds within him, fearful and deep,
It turns it into a sad but beautiful creation.

The artist contemplates his self-portrait in the broken mirror,
He looks with gloomy eyes at his broken face,
But find in that image a thread of hope,
A message hidden in the pain and fragility of life.

Lyricism embraces him, while the painting comes to life,
His self-portrait becomes a mirror of all humanity,
A reflection of the suffering and beauty around,
A manifestation of fragility and inner strength.

Through the broken mirror, the artist sees his own soul,
With all its cracks and deep scars,
But in that landscape of pain and melancholy,
Find the strength to rise up and overcome.

Thus, in the broken mirror and in his lyrical lyrics,
The artist finds refuge in a universe of his own creation,
She turns her pain into art and vulnerability into strength,
And he himself becomes a living work of art, facing destiny.

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