Strings of words next to each other. Strings of thoughts. Momentary thoughts. Moments…

Without ordering the words too much, they are loaded and carry with them bitter longings, victorious moments….and every now and then a smile sneaks in.

They bring beginning and end fragments.

I say words that try to break a silence.

Other words that prepared to wipe a tear.

Words that want to put thoughts in order.

I crammed phrases that sometimes try to light up the nights so that they can be read again at dawn.

Maybe a sunset or a new sunrise that can be described in anticipation.

So that I can hurry to bring the awkward spring rains closer to me.

I am waiting for the passages that do not want to be surprised by the passing of the days to come.

Without wanting to, I count the thoughts that I collect and that stop up to my throat, galloping towards tomorrow.

I find refuge among the lines, among the words that run in the hope that one day they will be reached.

I find refuge in fleeting glances.

Among the nights that are furrowed by the waves of a subtle beginning of spring.

Words caught as if in a lock in the desire to be shared.

To outline the silent dream.

Words that gathered in them wonder, truth, mystery and consolation.

My shelter shield….through them.

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