Past, Present and Future

The past, an open book behind,
Pages he had written in ink long ago.
Memories woven with glory and hope,
Some pale, some darker.

The present, a shining moment,
Interwoven with golden seconds and moments.
Opportunities that caress your palms,
Accompanied by choices that never come back.

The future, a mystery full of dreams and wishes,
The wild field of infinite possibilities.
We lay bricks with care and courage,
And we imagine what it will be, somehow, one day.

The past teaches us the lessons of yesterday,
The present embraces us with warmth and effervescence,
The future beckons us with great promises,
But it reminds us that time always passes.

So live the past with gratitude,
Live the present with joy and appreciation,
And look forward with courage and confidence,
Because life is a story that is always being written.

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