No inspiration

What can I do when I lack inspiration?

What am I writing? What am I thinking? How much work do I invest in the thought on what I could put on the sheet?

Sometimes pessimistic … but not really.

I’m probably thinking of abstract things that spin without reason and lose inspiration for those that interest me.

And … I think it’s nice to have a chance in life to do what you love and what motivates you.

I have learned and I always learn … from words.

I learned, for example, that there is nothing concrete that I can call happiness and that a state cannot last forever.

That there are no sensations that disappear and never return to me in another form, under a different packaging.

That there are no people who are fully optimistic and that pessimists tend to get carried away faster than anyone.

That there are people who live in extremes either good and bad, or anything and everything, or ecstasy and sadness.

And that extreme people do not want to change.

And at the end of the day, I learned to always gather states and feelings that I could count as ordinary things.

I keep learning that people think differently. To express it differently.

Some appreciate your effort and others may not appreciate themselves.

And that we choose on our way people who suit us.

… And … I kept thinking that I wasn’t inspired today.

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    This article got me thinking more deeply about the topic.

    1. // Antworten

      Glad to hear the article inspired you. One of the goals of good content is to provoke deeper thoughts, questions, and reflections. If you had any interesting takeaways or would like to share your thoughts on the topic, I invite you to do so.

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