Mud versus Paradise

Strange as it may sound, I will start with a question that has been provoking me for some time: Mud versus Paradise?

There comes a time for you to start not resonating with the things that are happening around you.

Things, that until then seemed natural and that followed their course and were part of you anyway.

Maybe they complemented you even more and made you feel safe.

Be good to yourself.


I would like to call this a change.

But on the other hand, if I look at it from the perspective of the future, I would call it evolution.

It is the part that you feel somewhere inside you when you exceed a level, two or more and the things you used to refer to have remained somewhere at a lower level.

In the first phase you feel amazed, you look behind you trying to save the situation.

If it is someone from your past you will try to help him overcome his blockage.

You will behave like a jumping friend trying to get his comrade out of the mud in which he fell and got stuck, because you are thinking about the path you would have to take together.

Do not stop at the first attempt, hesitating to fail.

And you try again and again.

Maybe you didn’t use all the right methods.

Now you think it’s time to change things up.

And you take it easy on another shore trying to see things from a different angle.

Maybe there’s a chance here.


Then shoot once and again.

Then you realize that not everyone wants to get out of the mud… or maybe the mud is a perfect biotope for many.

And you ask yourself: Why do you want to change the perspective of someone in the mud as long as it makes them feel good?

After all, my vision of the situation in relation to the situation would be a subjective one: A borderless mud would be for some a personal paradise.

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