Moments pass before my eyes…

Moments pass before my eyes…..seconds that belonged in the past….I belonged yesterday and I lived today.

I looked for tomorrow a day from the day before yesterday.

I wanted to change night into day many times and to shorten winter by half of summer. To bring spring in the middle of autumn. And to change autumn to winter.

I had moments of glory. And moments when I felt defeated.

Moments when I had to shout, moments when I shouted…I had to keep quiet.

I had many moments when I wanted to shorten the time as if it would never end and then moments when the time was much too short…

I had moments when I searched but didn’t find and a few moments when I found and then I kicked everything.

Moments when I laughed while crying and moments when I cried with joy.

Maybe I managed to put everything together: selfishness, tenderness, loneliness, joy…and then nothing at all.

I had enough moments when I understood from the glances, then moments when thousands of words failed to say anything.

I collected those moments, long moments, small emotions, short seconds, mixtures of good and bad, beautiful and ugly, strength and weakness, failures and successes, glory and defeat.

Because somewhere inside me there is something that tells me to collect and filter the words to keep them.

So that I can later create short amalgams of lived moments….carrying with me a writer’s creed.

Many thoughts inserted here to leave in time short moments….of memory.


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