Masks of masculinity

In the depths of our hearts, in the inner world of our souls, there are hidden stories, stories of how we are locked in thin masks of masculinity. Under this veil, we hide our fears and our vulnerabilities, while on the outside, in the world full of appearances, we proudly wear the image of the strong and invulnerable man.

Women often seek help, and they do so with courage. They understood that there is no shame in asking for help when they need it. They know that vulnerability does not mean weakness and that expressing their emotions does not diminish them in the eyes of others. But on the other hand, men are often prisoners of their own expectations and social pressures that urge them to be «strong» in any situation. This pressure on masculinity can be suffocating and can bring with it serious consequences for men’s mental health.

«Masculinity» should not be a prison, but a fertile ground for authenticity and personal growth. However, society has often taught us that being a man means being tough, not crying, not showing weakness, and not asking for help. These stereotypes have taught us to hide our true feelings under false masks, under our precious «real man» images.

However, such masks only serve to distance us from ourselves and others. They hold us captive in our own souls, prevent us from being authentic, and prevent us from building healthy relationships with those around us. When we are unable to ask for help or express our vulnerability, our suffering becomes isolating and overwhelming.

It is time to throw these masks into the depths of oblivion and accept ourselves as we are – complex and vulnerable human beings. Seeking help is not a sign of weakness, but an act of courage. It is a step towards liberation and healing.

Our society needs to evolve and understand that men also have the right to be vulnerable and seek help. They have the right to express their emotions, cry and ask for guidance when they need it. Only when we shed these masks and begin to be honest with ourselves and others can we hope to build a world where all people feel free to be authentic and seek help when they need it.

In conclusion, it is not a shame to be a man who seeks help, but a sign of strength and wisdom. It’s time to shed our masks and show our true selves to the world, accept our vulnerability and build our way to authentic and healthy masculinity.


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