Love stories


I have lived many love stories.

Because love itself gives us all kinds of stories.

But yet none resembles another.

Because love takes the form of the personality of each of us.

We learn something about ourselves from each love story: we find ourselves or we immerse ourselves in each of them …

We want to know other lives, to identify with other souls.

We change after every love story. We become more dreamy or more realistic. We lose confidence in people or regain our confidence. We get better or worse. We are moving towards a new love story closer to each other or on the contrary more distant, ready for a new beginning.

And at the end of each love, we are still ourselves, finding ourselves.

Love stories should always be beautiful. But life always surprises us.

Sometimes love stories bring us disappointments and make us stop believing in love. Let’s want peace and live in isolation.

Sometimes we heal with a new love story meant to save a fleeting love, but which left deep traces in our souls.

Not often in a story, there is an imbalance of balance because only one of us loves, hoping in turn that he will be loved.

Have you ever heard of short love stories that end in beautiful friendships?

Or how many times we have lived love stories only in our dreams and thoughts because love has not been shared by the other. Or maybe destiny doesn’t allow us to live that story.

There are still love stories lived for a long time, maybe forever in our souls, even after it’s over.

Experiences, lessons, and memories bring beautiful love stories extra originality, placing them in a special place in our soul.


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