Love … is known when needed


I brought the whole world like in a bazaar.

And so we all dressed in luxurious clothes.

We called everything as being around us only through superlatives of love, friendship, brotherhood, humanism …

And we looked at each other.

Some of us wore uniforms, some didn’t.

A priest does not become a priest only if he dresses in priest’s clothes.

But to those who do not know and do not see, he may seem like a priest.

And he can give what others lack.

Miraculously, in this bazaar we feel spontaneously attracted to people who leave us with the feeling that they can offer us what we lack.

We feel spontaneously as an impetus of gratitude that we want to make an exchange when we receive from someone what we are looking for.

There are in some cases that when we offer in turn what the other is looking for, and the other to feel attracted to us.

Then the attraction is mutual.

And there is a real value that appears exactly when you do not ask for anything and do not think you have something to offer in compensation.

And, finally, there are times when even if the other person has nothing to offer you, you stay by his side and continue to give him what he needs.



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